Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Kim Jones at Dunhill

It's no secret in the world of gentlemen's style that the latest coup for the UK's classiest luxury menswear brand Dunhill is that Kim Jones (he who saved Umbro) is now creative director.

What you might not know is that as part of the build-up to the Spring-summer 2010 presentation in Paris, Mr Jones will undertake something of a Twitter-fest.

The Twitter is called Alfred Dunhill and the page is dunhill_inParis. Enjoy

Friday, 12 June 2009

Murakami and Pharrell Williams

What do you get when you put hip-hop genius Pharrell Williams and twisted manga-art type Takashi Murakami together for a few hours?

If this latest exhibition is anything to go by, you get a load of diamond-encrusted consumer goods containers in the mouth of a giant pebble (yes, another pebble) with eyes and multi-coloured teeth.

Surely you didn't expect anything sensible?

This isn't the only thing the pair have in common - they have both collaborated with Louis Vuitton on projects in the past.

Check out the interview below.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Fiat 500

Is this the coolest Fiat 500 you've ever seen? I think it's the grey, makes it look like a shiny little pebble on wheels. You can see it if you happen to be in Hollywood any time soon, at the All Things Generic pop-up store in Space 1520.

Never heard of the label, Generic Man, suppose it hasn't made it out of the states. But if they can make a Fiat 500 look this good, they're all right in my book.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Catlike Whisper Plus helmet

I'm back on the bike after a few days off to do that patio and I've got this on my bonce. Saw a bloke wearing one in the supermarket and it looked sufficiently different to persuade me to track one down.

Whereas the Bells and Giros basically make you look like Gundamn this looks like some sort of giant seed pod. That and the fact it's the only one I could find in black was enough to make me buy it.

Of course I checked out the tech specs too. According to the gumf, it absorbes an impact by spreading it across your head. I guess that must be a good thing.

Nice and comfy too, although I didn't, as with one reviewer, forget I had it on. Perhaps this was because I'm still conscious I look like a giant mushroom on wheels. I'll get over it.

More patio

The patio's been finished for a few days now - the front was completed on Sunday and after a marathon final push which involved, among other things, finshing the front path and spreading a ton of gravel, all that remains is to fill the gaps between the bricks with sand. Easier than it sounds. You think you've done it and then go back the next day and it's all disappeared.

Still we're enjoying our newly renovated outside space. Still can't believe it's now finished, after years of putting it off.

Here's a picture looking at the house from the end of the garden.