Thursday, 28 February 2013

Rapha spring/summer 2013: the looks revealed

Where else could Rapha shoot the lookbook for its spring-summer 2013 range than the location of the Grand Depart of this year's Tour de France? 

So Corsica provided the backdrop for an altogether more colourful collection, featuring a new line of 'trade jerseys', which draw inspiration from 1962, when trade teams replaced the national teams. 

There is also a Paris-Bordeaux jersey-gilet combo which capitalises on the nocturnal element of the ride with reflective panelling. 

And for those who prefer a bit of the same, the classic offerings make a return, with refreshed colour options for the classic jersey, and new brighter coloured wind jackets.

See the lookbook here, find a couple of videos below the pictures.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Nike Undercover Gyakusou SS13: springy

It's fair to say Jun Takahashi has his feet firmly under the table at Nike now, with another release of the hugely popular Gyakusou running collection. This is basically Nike's running gear made infinitely cooler. For this you pay a price, but why would you want to go running through stunning Japanese rainforests in anything else?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Ian Francis: work in progress

The work of Ian Francis is big, surreal, and full of lifelike detail. Take a look up close and you will witness the sort of detail that goes into these incredible pieces. Arrested Motion got the chance to look around his Bristol studio and catch a glimpse of the artist at work. 

This interests me, not least because along with Conor Harrington and Chloe Early I regard him as one of the foremost artists of the moment, but because he paints in something that resembles my office, in the sense that he has to cover the carpet so he doesn't get paint on it. Just like me!

See the full post here 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Rapha spring summer 2013: that time of year again

Rapha are teasing out their latest spring summer collection and while the naysayers will hark on about how it looks just like all the previous years, isn't that the point? People buy Rapha for a certain look, a style. There's plenty of other stuff out there to cater for the tasteless brigade.

I even read one comment which suggested Rapha release a jersey with skull prints on it. I'm not entirely sure he was being serious.

A few bits are trickling on to

Supreme Spring / Summer 2013: counting down the days

By my reckoning there should be a queue forming outside Supreme in Peter Street sometime soon. You might even find a couple of Japanese tourists out there now with their little camping chairs and Supreme flasks. They like waiting around for stores to open. 

The spring / summer 2013 collection from Supreme is pretty much as you would expect. The hippy patterns are continuing through, on bomber jackets mainly, there's a new camo on a military inspired jacket and the word Supreme has made it onto the back of more or less everything.

Except on one coach jacket, where it is spelt Supream. Could this be a nod to Joey Essex? And there was me thinking he was brand cyanide. But what the fuck do I know?

London launch is February 21.