Friday, 15 February 2013

Eastway bikes: rolling out now

RD-1 carbon with Sram and disc brakes £1999
This is the big gun in the armoury of a new cycle brand aimed at people who need their bike to do everything from the daily urban commute to an epic ride up an alpine mountain. 

The bikes in the Eastway stable are a result of more than a year of solid research and development focusing on finding a solution to the needs of the urban sports cyclist.

The RD-1, above, consists of a monocoque carbon frame, Sram groupset and is equipped with disc brakes, which are fitted to only one or two top-end road bikes at the moment and are more commonly seen on mountain bikes. Eastway's CX1 cyclocross bike (below) also stops with discs.

Eastway is what happens when two cycle-mad friends get together to create a new player on the bike scene. Matthew Pryke and Stephen Britz have been friends since the year dot and used to race at the old Eastway circuit in Stratford, which used to occupy the land the Olympic Velodrome now sits on. 

"The name Eastway means means a lot to everyone who has had a hand in creating this brand, it was about capturing the essence of all that's good about cycling in an urban environment, which is what the old Eastway circuit exemplified."

There are 13 models in the Eastway range, catering for all tastes with something for the road rider, the cyclocrosser as well as hybrid and single speed offerings. "Eastway was born from a desire to create something that meant riders don't have to 'make-do' with what's currently on offer," said Matthew Prycke, who is also the product manager for Fisher.

In keeping with today's values of longevity, Eastway says it has built its bikes to last, which is no small feat given the size of the potholes around our towns and cities. 

But best of all Eastway's bikes do not come at fantasy-level price points. The road bikes start at £799 for the aluminium offering and rise to £1999 for the drool-worthy RD-1. 

Serious bikes with a sensible price. Expect to see them on a road near you very soon.

CX-1 £1999 
FB-1 £1249

R1 £1849

ST 1 £1499

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