Monday, 18 February 2013

Garmin Edge 510 & 810: not a ride without it

Thanks to Garmin we are all now obsessed with technical data from our rides, from the average speed to heart rate and cadence, elevation, the list goes on. We compete with each other on Strava and Garmin Connect and compare our performance over the apres-ride coffee.

Which is all very nice, but Garmin felt we needed more, and having looked at the features on the new Edge 510 and 810, it's quite clear now that we did.

Because as well as being able to compare rides in a historical manner, you can actually interact while they're actually happening, by following from the comfort of the armchair, or even heading out there yourself and intercepting. Great news for those who turn up late for group rides.

On top of that you've got infinitely more useful touch screens, as well as pairing with smartphones. It even tells you what the weather's like.

It's next level cycle data, that's what it is.

Shame it can't make coffee though.

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