Friday, 29 March 2013

Girls Friday: Candice Boucher on the rocks

Visvim for women: why should blokes get all the best gear?

It was inevitable really that Hiroki Nakamura would launch a womenswear collection. In fact the only surprise is that it took him this long.

Visvim has dabbled with female garments before, but never as a complete collection - more the odd pair of shoes or skirt. I think there was a pink ballistic rucksack once.

This time, the WMV offers the full head-to-toe ensemble, and aside from the knee-length boots and smiley face arm patches, to look at it you would think it was for fellas. You have high tops, gingham shirts, t-shirts in suitably soft jersey, stoles, everything the Visvim aficionado would expect.

So if you're into the brand you'd better hope she doesn't get into it too, because you could have all sorts of bother when it comes to getting it out of the washing machine.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Selvedge nato strap: it's in the detail

APC Jean Touitou T-shirt: a tall order

APC's Jean Touitou is never one to mince his words. I once read an interview where he basically destroyed the person interrogating him without so much as a shrug. Now he reckons he has made the perfect T-shirt.

History is littered with the corpses of companies which have laid claim to such a feat and done nothing of the sort, because the simple T-shirt, as with anything so instrinsically basic, is incredibly difficult to perfect. Get the neck wrong and you look too scrawny, the sleeves too tight and you look like a shot-putter, and woe betide you if you allow the hem to rise too high. I shiver at the prospect. 

But I guess that if anyone can come up with the perfect tee, it would be APC, so all I've got to say is let's see it so we can judge for ourselves. 

Because there is a first for everything. 

Get them here at the end of March

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Converse x Undefeated: Born not made

Converse and Undefeated have indulged in a subtle hint of patriotism for their Born not Made series released as part of the spring summer collection. Little stars on laces and in the linings are for the most part what you get unless you go for the Royal Blue Chuck Taylors which are covered in them. And they don't look at all bad for it.

As added bang for your Undefeated buck you get the LA store's logo as a stuck-on rubberised emblem on the midsole. And a little gold UND. Neat. And more than you get with a Supreme collab. Just saying.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Nigel Cabourn spring summer 2013: Cover me

Nigel Cabourn has wheeled out another solid collection for spring summer 2013 offering a fresh twist on his usual military influences. This time around he's taken seam taping to a new level and controversially applied it on the outside of the garment. Sure to get a few nods of approval, as is the continued use of camoflage, although in typical Cabourn style, he's delved deep into the archives of military sartorial history and used a British commando camouflage from the Second World War. None of your digi pattern around here.