Friday, 29 March 2013

Visvim for women: why should blokes get all the best gear?

It was inevitable really that Hiroki Nakamura would launch a womenswear collection. In fact the only surprise is that it took him this long.

Visvim has dabbled with female garments before, but never as a complete collection - more the odd pair of shoes or skirt. I think there was a pink ballistic rucksack once.

This time, the WMV offers the full head-to-toe ensemble, and aside from the knee-length boots and smiley face arm patches, to look at it you would think it was for fellas. You have high tops, gingham shirts, t-shirts in suitably soft jersey, stoles, everything the Visvim aficionado would expect.

So if you're into the brand you'd better hope she doesn't get into it too, because you could have all sorts of bother when it comes to getting it out of the washing machine.

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