Thursday, 28 March 2013

APC Jean Touitou T-shirt: a tall order

APC's Jean Touitou is never one to mince his words. I once read an interview where he basically destroyed the person interrogating him without so much as a shrug. Now he reckons he has made the perfect T-shirt.

History is littered with the corpses of companies which have laid claim to such a feat and done nothing of the sort, because the simple T-shirt, as with anything so instrinsically basic, is incredibly difficult to perfect. Get the neck wrong and you look too scrawny, the sleeves too tight and you look like a shot-putter, and woe betide you if you allow the hem to rise too high. I shiver at the prospect. 

But I guess that if anyone can come up with the perfect tee, it would be APC, so all I've got to say is let's see it so we can judge for ourselves. 

Because there is a first for everything. 

Get them here at the end of March

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