Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Take my picture: the street style snapper phenomenon

Fascinating little film from Garagemag here examining the phenomenon of the street style photographer and how the fashion weeks are now swarming with them.

Fashion journalist Tim Blanks, recalls the days before blogs when there were barely even any press at the shows, and compares it to the present day and now it admits that it has all become too much.

"I found it charming and that for so many people to have this level of enthusiasm it must be good for the industry and then this season I just though 'oh enough.'

In the words of early style blogger and photographer Phil Oh, "now it has become like trench warfare."

Even the subjects themselves are getting wise to the style blogger, and seek out exposure, dressing specifically for the bloggers, or  "peacocking," as it has become known.

If that wasn't bizarre enough, it has got to the stage when bloggers are taking photos of each other, "which I find endlessly amusing," says Tim Blanks.

The irony is not lost, that's for sure.


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