Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Mila Kunis: perhaps her greatest ever interview

You'd never guess that Mila Kunis had a new film out, would you? It's called Oz the Greatest and the Powerful and even if it stinks it's going to get loads of attention simply because she's in it and she's officially the hottest girl on the planet, according to Esquire. And Olly Murs wants to have her children, which I, and Mila, both learned on the Graham Norton Show on Friday night. Mila seemed to be quite flattered by that revelation. I almost choked on my cocoa.

And after back to back interviews, some of which, according to the Sunday Times Style magazine, were maybe a little strained, Mila was evidently delighted to be interviewed by someone who either didn't know what he was doing or was putting on a great show of it. She talked with Chris Stark on Radio One about his mates, going to see Watford play football, wedding party tricks and the sort of things that make publicists want to fall to their knees and pull their hair out.

Within six minutes we learned more about Mila than any press officer could have wished for, in particular that she can sink a pint "pretty fast," and her favourite beer is Blue Moon. Me too! How about that?

The trailer is below and below that, there she is with Rachel Weisz:

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