Thursday, 21 March 2013

CP Company 24 Project: say it like it is

CP Company has been busy on another project, using as its inspiration the trials and tribulations of everyday city life, from the point of view of a jacket.

"People aim at surviving, they tend to adapt to the surrounding environment," says the promotional guff. "At every hour, they are stimulated by different spurs: every hour of the day is made of different meetings in places with the most diverse characteritics. It is possible to wake up in a spot of the world and fall asleep in another one, maybe located at its antipode."

And that is more or less where it lost me. No idea what it means, and I challenge anyone at CP Company to explain it in any way that might be considered understandable.

The bottom line is they've released this really cool jacket. It has a detachable hood and taped seams and looks the bollocks. Apparently there's another one which looks just as sharp.

There you go CP Company. You can have that sentence for free.

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