Monday, 18 March 2013

Dunhill laser keyboard: great idea, never works

This is clever little box projects a keyboard onto a flat surface to enable you to type to your heart's content on a full-size keyboard virtually anywhere.

As well as this being something of a surprising development from Dunhill, which is better known for well-made clothing and once-upon-a-time for cigarettes, it is also something that historically has never worked.

People have come up with these things before and they can be as frustrating as trying to key in a sentence on a Sinclair ZX81. Still, you never know, maybe Dunhill know something we don't. technology has advanced after all.

This is all to do with a new vision from Dunhill of integrating technology.

But I am left with the burning question: if this really works, how come Apple haven't done it? Just saying.

Via Esquire

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