Monday, 9 May 2011

Ray Ban New Wayfarer: shades of green

I was kind of drawn to these shades from the other side of the sunglasses room at Liberty - there is always something about an army green that will command my attention.

As luck would have it they look half decent on, what with their graduated lenses, and I have it on good authority from my beloved that the green complements my ginger bonce perfectly.

And they keep the sun out. Winner, then.

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  1. Man after my own heart, these army green shades are sweet.

    There's a chao down in St.Ives who always stock a decent array of specs for bright days too:

    Well he would wouldn't he, the lucky blighters down that way get more than their fair share of rays eh!

  2. aii these are sweet. I painted mine matte green cause i couldn't find them. turned out right on. saved the chrome detail on the front but now the rayban just looks green embossed. i dont mind it.