Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Soloist: Deer. Oh Deer

I've been hearing a lot about the Soloist recently and my interest was piqued enough by the release of a reindeer skin jacket that looked like it had been thrown together by a couple of Inuit in the dark for me to Google it.

So I've now found out that this is a streetwear-type brand by Takahiro Miuyashita which, when mentioned, has the words 'cool', 'edgy' and 'casual' close by. Oh, and 'artistic', which has always been a kind of non-word to me considering anything could feasibly be called artistic.

Each piece is hand-dyed in five key colors using The Soloist patented “Earth dye” treatment, whatever the fuck that is. Nice palette though.

Oh yeah, and that model in the pictures? The one with a sick-spattered cloth over his chops? That's him, Takahiro Miyashita. This stuff might look better if it was on someone else.

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