Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Kim Jones of Louis Vuitton: Interview

I am still unable to fathom the meteoric rise of Kim Jones, but I'm beginning to work out that this is probably more down to a question of taste than anything else.

Because I have yet to find anything he has designed or been connected with that has engendered me with any kind of enthusiasm. His signature line for Umbro was truly awful, although it was always going to be difficult polishing a turd so he can be forgiven for that and at least it got his name known on a few council estates.

Then there was Dunhill. That label with so much promise, such heritage, an infinite number of motoring-inspired possibilities, of which Mr Jones utilised precisely none, while managing to give a stiff English brand a good helping of starch when all it has ever needed is a bit of loosening up.

Now he is at Louis Vuitton. This is to me a match made in heaven seeing as LV is a brand favoured by perma-tanned middle-aged owners of luxury yachts who wouldn't know style if it headbutted them on the bridge of the nose.

I write this without watching the interview, after which I might totally 'get' Kim Jones. I doubt it, but I reserve the right to change my mind.

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