Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Man of Steel trailer: tough stuff

Christopher Nolan has become the go-to man for rebooted superhero franchises. His Batman series took the Dark Knight back to his grim beginnings and dispensed with the chubby casting, ushering in the perennially disturbed Christian Bale. The gadgets became believable, the sets apocolyptic, and the whole feeling was of  aching, jaw-dropping cool. And that's before we've even started on the villains.

But Batman is over, the trilogy complete. Bruce Wayne has skipped off into the sunset with Selina Kyle and there isn't a millimetre of polycarbonate resin between them. All is quiet in Gotham.

Well not exactly. Because where Nolan has dropped one Marvel man off, he's picked the next one up. Many will be familiar with Batman's battles with Superman in the Marvel comics. The pair never really did see eye to eye with Batman existing just below the law and Superman regarded as a Government sell-out by the Dark Knight.

There's no telling whether Nolan will pick up that particular storyline but his incarnation of Superman has certainly been sprinkled with a bit of Batman cool. This is moody, gritty, and full of big things which go bump in a big way. And that's just the trailer.

Judging by the other recent efforts at reviving Superman, it would be fair to say Nolan is becoming the superhero's superhero.

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