Sunday, 19 June 2011

Smithfield Nocturne: riders in the dark

Time flies when there's a lot of riding going on, which is why I'm only now getting round to posting these pics of the Smithfield Nocturne that took place last Saturday.

The weather remained clear, the beer flowed freely and there was much appreciation of the bicycle as a vehicle of pleasure and beauty.

I departed the event with a longing desire to mount my ride and pedal until the wheels fell off. Which they did in a spectacular, albeit metaphorical, fashion the very next day at the Essex Orchid 100 bike ride.

By the end of that, and thanks in most part to my riding buddy suffering four punctures, us getting lost twice and being battered by hurricane force conditions thus arriving at the finish last, I never wanted to set eyes on my bike again.

Thankfully, like the weather, I got over it.

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