Monday, 10 October 2011

Ten-C: out of reach

There is a limit to the amount of money I am prepared to spend on a particular garment. This is often dictated by the price I expect to achieve for items I might sell in order to pay for it. 
If a garment falls above this price bracket, it doesn't mean I will dismiss a purchase. In fact it actually means I will move heaven and earth to find the money to pay for it. 

Although in the case of Ten-C, I would say the movement of heaven and earth would still not cover the cost. Because buying the jacket is just a part of it. In order to get the full Ten-C experience, you need the whole caboodle. That means the jacket, the liner, and the sheerling hood liner. 

But at least I would know that I have a jacket 'for life', according to the designers, who you might not be surprised to learn, cut their teeth at Stone Island and CP Company. This I guess must be a little bit like wearinga puppy.

As for getting one of these, I'm waiting for the end of season sales. I hope they make it.

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