Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Ten-C snow smock: never say never again

I told you about that jacket that I went mad about, the one that I'm selling half my wardrobe to finance. Well this is it - the Ten-C Snow Smock.

Aside from the very cool Ten-C website and the one or two (literally) retailers stocking it, I could find virtually no information on this.

So here are a few detailed pics of what is a true gobsmacker of a jacket.

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  1. wish i could find a 48 somewhere

  2. just washed my orange snow smock and scared myself stupid the material lost it's shape totally but If you do the same don't panic as it dries out it gets back it's velvety stiff texture that makes this jacket unique just thought I would mention it probaly one of the nicest jackets I own and I have quite a few well worth the money if you can get one I suggest you buy cheers