Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Nick Sullivan: The way I dress

I like Nick Sullivan. When he was at GQ around 2001, he commissioned me to write a feature on trainers. I have always been very thankful for that. Shortly after that he disappeared, and I had no idea where he went. I did wonder if it was something to do with the feature.

It looks as if he went to America, or at least that's where he is now, as fashion editor of Esquire. This little film of him getting ready to go out is full of insights into Nick's style preferences, some of which, such as "no tie clips," I wholeheartedly endorse. Others, such as "no hoodies" I would have to disagree with. There are some very nice hoodies out there, after all.

Nick's style is very much the smart man-about-town. Structured jackets and brogues, that kind of thing. It's a look he is comfortable with, and that is the key to style of any preference.

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