Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Bathing Ape reinvents the classics

I didn't really want Bape to die, but that's what happens when the gangstas get hold of something. I put the blame firmly at Nigo's feet. Then he sold out and I thought that was the end of it.

But the ape has had an epiphany and we're seeing some interesting interpretations of the classics coming through. This time Nigo's not just blatantly ripping off designs, he's collaborating.

For these projects the Bape monicker has been dropped and it is now A Bathing Ape.

So you get the A Bathing Ape x Mackintosh Kellas jacket and the A Bathing Ape x Mackintosh Baracuta G4 and G9. And to give Nigo his due, he has chosen wisely. I have both a Mackintosh Kellas and a Baracuta (G10, mind) in my own collection.

I even considered a Rocky Mountain Featherbed vest briefly.

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