Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Viberg boots: long service

I really hope my other half reads this after the thorough drubbing I received for my Visvim 7-hole 73 Folks. I was a nervous wreck by the time she'd finished with the insults, left shivering on the floor doubting my very existence.

But am I going to get rid of them? NO! Why? Because they are still the finest boots ever made, and I kid you not come this winter big boots with vibram soles are going to be everywhere and mine will still be the best.

Which might cause you to ask why I am featuring Viberg boots on here instead. It's because they also look good, and it's proof that everyone's getting in on this workboot thing. These are from the summer 2012 collection and are known as the Service Boot and Chukka.

NB: These should be distinguished from those hobnail boots which have been the favour of boy band fans in recent years and are worn with trousers tucked inside them. They are just wrong.

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