Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Bureau: a good place to go to look good

Shop from journeyfor on Vimeo.

With all this economic turmoil going on at the minute, shops should be bending over backwards to secure our custom, so it seems odd to me that, frankly, they aren't.

It doesn't take a lot - a hello is a start, a discount helps. But above all that, the simple acknowledgement that you are more than just another foot in the door, that you might actually care about what you are buying, is what will ensure that I put my hand in my pocket, and more importantly, come back.

Being considerate to your customers is a tough call when you're talking about shopping online, or over the phone, but it is possible, as The Bureau Belfast has proven. I truly wish I lived close enough to the shop to visit regularly, but the customer service I have received from there is no less thorough even with a few hundred miles and a sea between us.

I cannot recommend the Bureau highly enough.

Visit the shop at www.thebureaubelfast.com

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