Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ten-C field jacket: details

So the Ten-C snow smock went back to The Bureau and within seconds they had sent out the field jacket, complete with shearling liner, and although it was far too warm to wear the two together a couple of weeks ago, the temperature is at last plummeting somewhere near acceptable levels for them. As you will hopefully see from these pictures, the jacket and the liner look just as good separated as they do buttoned together. Three jackets for the price of ... well, three really. But there is pleasure in compatibility.

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  1. Those are one of my favorite kinds of jackets. They are very fashionable.

  2. Bought the parka today, from the bureau in Belfast, fantastic.
    I spend some money on jackets and shoes but this quality and styl goes way beyond fashion!
    its more about real luxury goods! Something my seven years old son will steal from me in 10 years!

  3. A very wise purchase IMO, mine feels better with every wear. Nice to know you got it from the Bureau, the nicest people in men's fashion retail by a mile.
    Enjoy the parka!

  4. Hi, came across this post as I'm looking to pickup a field jacket, did you go true to size or one up to accomodate the shearling liner? cheers!

  5. Hi Andy
    I sized up to a 52. It also looks fine without the liner because the original issue jackets were supposed to fit with a bit of room. You have good timing - the Bureau in Belfast has just restocked:

    1. Hi Graham, cheers for the info, it was actually the restock that prompted me to do some research. I went for the 52 and found the fit was a little bigger than expected. So I've swapped it for the 50 which should hopefully arrive next week.

      When I did try on the 52, I found the jacket a lot weightier and substantial than the pics suggested, looking forward to wearing it autumn time. How is the material looking with wear?