Thursday, 9 August 2012

Barbour: A jacket for life

I remember when I bought a Navy Barbour Beaufort jacket back in the eighties. I couldn't get a green one because my mate had that colour. It was during my casuals football hooligan phase and I used to wear it with a pair of brown jumbo cords and an Aquascutum scarf and I used to think I was some sort of cross between a hardnut and a country squire.

After a while it was replaced by something else, probably by Stone Island, and it was left in the cupboard in the spare room at my Mum and Dad's. Shortly after that it was drafted in to service by my Dad who wore it to work on building sites. I found it a few years later in the cupboard he kept his work stuff in, battered, ripped, faded by brickdust. It looked wonderful.

Why I didn't reclaim it then I will never know because they moved shortly after and because by then my Dad had retired he chucked it out with everything else that he no longer needed. He never really did register the significance of Barbour and the 'jacket for life' ethos.

If I still had that jacket I would have sent it back and had it refurbished, just like the coats in this video.

Hindsight. It's a wonderful thing.

I'll just have to get myself one of the new Wood Wood collab Bedales instead (below).

Via Unabashedly Prep

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