Thursday, 23 August 2012

Kansi bikes: It's all about the fold

It has been hard to find a folding bike that doesn't look like it should be worn by someone in a dayglo jacket and comfortable sandals, such is the stigma that they have earned themselves over the years. 

But as cycling has become a more acceptable form of transport so the imagination of the manufacturers has been fired, and we end up with this, the first folding BMX. 

Whether it would stand up in a head-to-head with the vintage Eighties Skyways to which it gives a nod has yet to be discovered. Regardless of that, this has to be the best-looking bike to have been unfolded thus far. 

Kansi bikes aren't just about the looks, though. They have done away with all the frustration that would usually go with a folding bike and created something that goes from folded to ready-to-ride in six seconds and rides like a normal road bike. What's more, the company has made its bikes so safe that they have set a new kitemark. 

Folding bikes just got cool. Find out more at

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