Friday, 10 August 2012

To all who visit this blog

To all the faithful visitors to this blog, which now number many hundreds a day: I have set up another blog under my author name, Graham K Albert which is primarily to promote my book, White City. Posts will be in a similar, but less style related, vein and if you could find it in your hearts to follow that too, I would be incredibly thankful, because right now it is getting something like three hits a day and I feel like I might have more success if I tied my blog posts to a balloon and let it go.

So maybe you could spare a minute to visit and then if you like you might want to sample the book by following the link on the right side, or above, and then if you like it you could tell a friend about it, and they could tell someone and they would tell someone else and before you know it you've had a hand in creating this juggernaut of a novel as it snowballs its way through the literary world, pummelling the shit out of 50 Shades of Grey with one of its own double-ended dildos and then I will win the lottery tonight. Stranger things have happened. Not to me. 

What I'm saying is word of mouth can make this happen (not a lottery win, that's just stupid).

Obviously if you're one of those three visitors, then let me be the first to thank you. 

I have also set up a Facebook page -, which you  can 'like' if you ... er ... like. 

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