Sunday, 10 May 2009

Cycle log 10/05

The bike is back on the road. Picked it up yesterday, complete with a whole new front end. Easton EA 90x forks, handlebars and stem.

I had planned to replace like for like, but Bianchi don't seem to want to sell replacement parts. It took a few painfully long phone calls before I discovered this. They wanted me to wait 10 weeks for them to ship the forks from America. Yeah, right. With service like that you don't deserve customers. Easton forks are better anyway.

My first run was a reserved affair. Barely put any effort into it at all, but that was the plan - it was all about getting myself back on the bike. It might have been a minor incident in terms of injury, but I still felt a little nervy riding again, and spent most of the time expecting anothe car to pull out in front of me.

I did the run I usually reserve for evenings when I'm short of time - along the seafront to the Kurrsal, then up to Woodgrange roundabout and looping back past the Royals, along the top of the cliffs and dropping back to the seafront. Made it home in one piece, of course.

There's a massive 60-mile bike event next week for the Little Havens childrens' hospice. Wondering if it'll be a case of 'too much, too soon' after having a couple of weeks off. Tempting though.

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