Thursday, 14 May 2009

Lazarides Rathbone Place opening

New gallery opening in London, Rathbone Place. James has just bought a new piece of art and it's the centrepiece of the show, so he wants some pictures.

My name isn't on the list. Then it is. Stacks of luvvies in there already, and it's only half six. Check out the pictures. Nice. Lucy McLaughlan's been painting on riot shields, Anthony Micallef's done another massive one and Conor Harrington has been busy with his spray paints and acrylics. The others aren't bad either. All dark and freaky urban art. The sort of stuff that tries to say something about how bad the world has become.

Not allowed to take pictures inside. People might walk out. No sign of James' piece anyway. The beer isn't going down well. I've done a lap of the exhibition. Too many people. There's Jude Law and his mates. Less people on the first floor, nice piece by Miranda Donovan. Another of her vandalised walls in miniature. She should get together with Hornby and do some graffitied railway buildings.

Seen it all before I've finished my beer. Everyone else looks like they're just getting started. Daisy Lowe is at the door on the way out, trying to get in. Her name doesn't seem like it's on the list either. Consider suggesting she ask them to check again. Don't.

There's James' picture in the window. David Choe. No one's looking at it. They don't know what they're missing.

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