Friday, 25 September 2009

OK, that's enough of the summer

We're now coming to the end of September and I'm still walking around in shirt sleeves. Not good in the jacket department - my Visvim Ketchikan got an outing last week but more because it was new than due to any real temperature or climatic requirement, the exception being our Kew Gardens trip when it got such a drenching that I think it leaked. And it's Gore-Tex.

Thing is, at this time of year I want to be wearing a jacket, as my thoughts turn to wrapping up against the elements. The mags are full of autumn winter campaigns and models peeking over chunky scarves, head to toe in the latest duffel, while outside it's like the tropics. At least it is during the day. If you're out without a coat after dark you've a good chance of contracting pneumonia, unless you live in Newcastle when it has to be -10 before coats come out.

That's why this time of year becomes a minefield in deciding an outfit. Too hot for a sweater, too cold for a t-shirt. I've already failed miserably in predicting the temperature and ended up lugging a coat around or shivering in a short sleeved shirt.
In that respect I have one thing to say to the weather: Get on with it. We've had a good summer, got a bit of sun. July was crap but you redeemed youself in August. You know you're going to get cold so just get it over with. I've had enough of all these inaccurate outfit predictions.

The rate things are going I could start a new career as a weatherman.

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