Sunday, 11 July 2010

The great art scam: Part 2

I now know what Lester Hathcote is up to, and the collecting of art from little-known artists isn't it.

The fact that he hasn't topld me a thing about himself is a bit of a giveaway, but not as much as the €2,000 in American Express travellers' cheques that landed on my doormat.

Now even though our Lester claimed to live in Poole, these cheques were sent from Texas, USA. They arrived with not a word of explanation, and only the aforementioned Texas address on the front of the envelope.

They were preceeded by an email from Lester telling me he would send me €2,000 for my £100 piece of art, to which I replied that any cheques sent would be forwarded to the Police. Which I have.

Lester is perpetrating what is known as a travellers' cheque scam. He sends you cheques valued well above the amount you asked for. I expect he will then tell you to cash them, take the money you need and return the balance, if you don't suss out what he is up to.

The cheques will then turn out to be stolen. You will never see the money you sent to him, and you will most likely be arrested for cashing a stolen cheque.

So if Lester has sent you a cheque or cheques, take them to your Police station and under no circumstances cash them.

To keep you updated on the progress of my blossoming relationship with Lester, the latest exchange of emails is pasted below. All of these are now being forwarded to Detective Carol Sartain of Essex Police CID.

You can read Part 1 of the Great Art Scam here

Lester to me June 29 2010

Hello sorry for the late response i have been so busy due to the world cup going on..i hereby inform you of the check to be delivered to you any time soon( the amount on it is 2,000 Euro. Kindly get back to me as soon as you have it.

thanks Lester

Me to Lester June 29 2010

Dear Lester
Any cheque you send will be forwarded to the Police, who have been informed of this correspondence. I would advise you not to waste your time or the cost of a stamp. Kind regards

Lester to me, today, 4:03pm

Hello and how are you doing? kindly get back to me regarding the check with you.



Me to Lester, today

Hi Lester

Your cheques have been handed in to the Police, and all correspondence with you has been forwarded to them. Thankyou for your email. I shall forward this to them also.

If you would like to give me your FULL CONTACT ADDRESS and TELEPHONE NUMBER I will arrange for them to be returned to you.

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