Monday, 5 July 2010

New arrivals part 2: Fragment Design iPhone case

I'll admit from the off that I really have no idea if this is the real deal, or some snide bit of black plastic from Hong Kong. Because that is where it was shipped from, even though the seller was registered in Sunderland. Not that Sunderland is an outpost of authentic Fragment gear either.

But snide or not, this would appear to be a very decent quality iPhone case, especially compated to that ALKR piece of crap I managed to snap just trying to fit on my iPhone.

It's been protecting my little piece of Apple wonder for a good couple of weeks now and there is remarkably little in the way of scratching and the like.

So either they're knocking out some remarkably resilient fakes these days or I managed to get the real deal at a very reasonable price.

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