Tuesday, 6 July 2010

New arrivals part 3: The Yoox batch

Yoox is a great place to go for your Visvim if a: you think the stuff they were making a few years ago is actually better than that of today and b: you actually prefer to pay something verging on a sensible amount for it.

Take these items. In my book the Nez Perce Keifers with the pony skin detail along the sidewalls will go down as an absolute classic, and seeing as these are essentially the Visvim version of Chucks, look just as good today as they did on release in 2007. I have them on my feet as I write and I actually think the quality was at a peak then too.

They're already softening up nicely, especially around the toe cap. I fully intend to be wearing these when I retire.

Then there's this lillac long sleeved top. A fairly basic affair with a fairly nonsensical print on the front, but with the quality of Visvim and a fit to match.

It'll be around for years.

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