Tuesday, 12 April 2011

D-Lux 4: pimp my little Leica

I fancied getting a bit more experimental with my picture taking the other day so started to Google polarizing lenses for the camera.

While I have yet to discover the correct accessories to attach said lens to my camera, I have stumbled upon some fine examples of D-Lux 4 pimpery. It seems there's a whole legion of nutters out there accessorising their  cameras with rare and hard to find equipment.

If I ever find the relevant adaptor myself I will be able to let you know if this actually makes for an improved image.

I found the image above and below are of a camera owned by Tetsu Sawamura. This is his list of accessories for the image above.

Panasonic DMW-LA4
46-52mm stepup ring
52mm protect filter
Voigtländer LH-3 lens hood
Pax view finder for wide conversion lens
Leica hand grip for D-LUX 4

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