Monday, 25 April 2011

Zukie: a little bit of a monster

If you ever watched eighties cartoon shows as a kid you would know that Zukie is Godzilla's diminutive offspring with the big eyes who was always wandering off and getting himself into trouble.

Quite an apt name for a skate label which draws on a bit of punk-edged Japanese manga for its designs.

And just like its cartoon namesake the only way this brand is going to grow is up. The present range features tees with matching skateboard designs, sweatshirts, snap-back caps, a women's line and a kids' line, with plans for expanding the range into slick polo shirts and other pieces which would nod to the smarter side of skating.

"The kind of thing the Beastie Boys might have been seen in", as co-founder Bomber, part owner of Switch Skates in Leigh-on-Sea explained.

He has set up the label with Dougie Poynter of the pop band McFly and Jason Perry, formerly of rock band A and now a music producer. Thanks to the Dougie fanbase the tees have already been featured in a pap shot in Heat magazine, which any label owner knows is the kind of PR dreams are made of.

The brand has also just released a t-shirt to raise money for the Japanese tsunami disaster relief fund, with all profits going to the Japanese Red Cross.

All that, with scratch and sniff designs, free stickers with every tee, and a poo logo makes Zukie one of those brands that you just know is going to go down a storm in the skateparks, before it conquers the world like the b-movie monster legend that is Zukie's dad.

You can run, but you can't hide.

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  1. I have seen some of those boards! they looked so sick when you made em (y) still think zukie is newbie tho... xD