Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Daft Punk Electorama Ferrari: buy it for Japan

The scale of the disaster in Japan is hard to imagine for those of us who have not encountered a tsunami, so it is heartening that so many companies are coming up with ever more imaginative methods of raising money to help the victims.

The latest is EMI's auctioning of what to them might seem like meaningless tat but to the rest of the world is priceless pop memorabilia. Things like signed Beastie Boys dolls and the David Bowie back catalogue to this, the Ferrari 412 used in the filming of Daft Punk's Electorama video.

The fact that a company as broke as EMI actually kept the Ferrari used as a prop for a video is surprising in itself. That they have decided to auction it off for Japan is either incredibly noble or incredibly stupid, depending on if you are a fan or the company's accountant.

So best get your bid in before they change their minds.

The listings can be found  here and the Daft Punk Farrari is here.

The auctions will be running until April 21st.

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