Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Visvim and Yuketen: get the sole white

The thing that attracted my attention to Visvim was the addition of a white trainer sole to an otherwise fairly traditional shoe. It looked good.

When Yuketen came along and brought with it the white Vibram sole on its Maine Guide Boots I was again suitably impressed.

Now it seems that Visvim and Yuketen, having exhausted most other possibilities of variations to their creations, have decided to start using dark brown or black soles. This might well be a sight more practical but if I wanted practicality I would go to Clark's.

White soles are what made you, Visvim and Yuketen. Without them, you're just another pair of everyday bootmakers.

And before anyone says anything, I realise that both Visvim and Yuketen have previously used dark soles, such as crepe and the like, but to me they are unremarkable. And, I also realise that Yuketen cannot be held entirely to blame for the dark soles on the Maine Guide boot below, because it is a collaboration with Inventory.

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