Saturday, 17 September 2011

White Mountaineering Pertex jacket: I detect a pattern

I had high hopes for White Mountaineering once. I truly thought I had found a possible contender for the place of Visvim in my heart. Then came the patterns. Not just as a detail, but everywhere, on everything from knitwear to Gore Tex (or in this case Pertex) jackets. And it wasn't just one or two variations on a style. Patterns, it has become apparent to me, are White Mountaineering's trademark.

Which is fine if you are a hippy or a Nepalese goatherder (have I written these words before?) but the look of a monied crusty spouting peace and love while wearing a £2k jacket is a bit much for me.

That said, there are elements I like about this jacket. All on the inside, where there's no pattern.

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