Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ally Capellino x Norse Projects backpack: in the bag

Backpacks have come a long way over the years. What once began life as a simple canvas sack with a couple of straps sewn on is now all ballistic fabrics and lumbar support, with fully adjustable straps.

The evolution of the backpack might well be a good thing to your average adventurer but what the backpack has gained in features it has lost in character. The very soul of the sack itself has been lost in development.

The Ally Capellino x Norse Project backpack takes its design cues from the earlier versions of the backpack, with its waxed cotton canvas, heavy duty strapping and leather base. On first glance there isn't much in the way of modern features here, but then you will notice the back padding and the laptop sleeve, and you will realise this is an old timer in appearance only.

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