Thursday, 27 January 2011

Livid? Moi?

Ace or Arte (below)? The big question
The car got towed to the garage this afternoon, my watch is still at the menders, Orange seem to be doing all they can to keep me disconnected and the stereo's on the blink.

I don't like to burden you with my trials, but I think I'm fairly safe in saying that this is a pretty crap state of affairs.

What's made it worse is the service that people expect you to put up with when you need to get these things sorted out. Orange, for instance, have been messing things up since November 23. The list of correspondence is so long I could publish it as a novel.

Then there's the watch. The face smashed just before Christmas and when I got the repaired one back it was evident they had put the wrong glass in, even though I was assured it would be genuine. In some sort of denial over what is going on, the watch mender has now sent the thing to Rolex for their opinion.

As for the car, that is an example of crap design that has been a disaster waiting to happen. Seeing as it seems to have been raining since November, it was inevitable that sooner or later the wiper tray would overflow and soak the car's brain, which the designers decided to put directly beneath it. So that's had it, and what was one car shared between two is now one car waiting in a garage for a full frontal lobotomy.

Thank god for the invention of the bicycle, that's what I say. Which reminds me, I really must investigate which Colnago to get on the Ride to Work Scheme. Every cloud, as they say.

Sorry for the rant.

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