Saturday, 29 January 2011

Futura x 12ozProphet: time heals

Futura x 12ozProphet Feature from ALSO KNOWN AS on Vimeo.

Call me an old woman, but Futura lost a bit of my favour after he promised to send me something which I never got. I don't know what it was - could have been a dog turd in the shape of a Pointman for all I know, but I trusted him with my address and what happened? Nothing. In fairness to Futura I don't actually know if it was him who was emailing.

And if you are reading this Futura, or Futura impersonator, I have moved.

So it is with a degree of reluctance that I post this video of the New York graffiti artist and his collaboration with 12ozProphet. It isn't so much the colab as the insight Futura offers to his background, from the beginnings as a writer on the street to his well-known works with the likes of Unkle.

But I recognise a legend when I see one and to that end I wish Futura the best of luck. Even if he is a bit flaky on the postal front.

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