Friday, 28 January 2011

Banksy goes flat pack: there's bound to be a screw missing

Banksy does a portrait of your average Ikea customer
Banksy's last film has been nominated for an Oscar apparently although with him you never really know what to believe so when I see a hooded figure clutchig a gold Action Man, then I will be convinced.

I still haven't seen the film anyway, and here's another one, entitled How to Sell a Banksy, which is pretty much as self explanatory as you can get, you might think. Apparently it's a comedy caper.

And to commemorate what is no doubt a bit of celluloid mastery, Banksy's vandalised another wall.

I hate Ikea anyway so this is actually totally up my strasa. It's just a shame he didn't do it inside one of their superstores, while in the queue for some meatballs and chips perhaps.

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