Monday, 17 January 2011

Woolrich Woolen Mills Autumn/Winter 2011: still cosy

Mark McNairy sparked a bit of debate when he stepped into the shoes of Daiki Suzuki at Woolrich Woolen Mills, not least when he was reported to have said he was moving away from the outdoors element the brand has become known for.

He talked about tapping into the alternative Woolrich heritage of Ivy League and Naval Uniforms and a good few plaid loving devotees must have choked on their sandwiches.

But his debut collection has revealed he isn't the barbarian at the gates that many had feared. Granted, there is more of a preppy feel, but he hasn't steered into uncharted waters exactly.

There is still a bit of plaid, a few waistcoats, a peppering of tweed and a nice comfy palette of cosy hues to the Autumn / Winter 2011 collection.

And quite a few sheeps' worth of wool.

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