Thursday, 13 January 2011

Moncler V Betu: there goes a piece of history

I once walked out of a suit fitting in Aquascutum because the peg-toothed salesman guffawed when I said I wanted the opinion of the missus. "Ask the missus sir?" he sneered. "A gentleman doesn't have to ask the missus what she thinks of his suit." So he lost that sale.

As far as I am concerned, the missus does need to be consulted sometimes. It isn't a case of getting permission, more the fact that she gives an honest view, because she has a vested interest in making sure I don't look like too much of a berk.

I am lucky in that I consider her to be possessed of considerable taste, and also to take a sizeable interest in the clothes I dress in and who they are made by. Thanks to this she knows her Visvim from her W)Taps and if put in a Mr and Mrs situation would be able to name the five stores I make a point of visiting when in London and probably the very route I take to get to them.

It works both ways. I once persuaded her to put back a jumper with horses all over it.

However there have been occasions when my faith in her judgement was tested.

Which brings me to the Moncler V Betu.

I was stoked that this made it to the sale - checking the End site for a price reduction had become a daily ritual. The thought of completing the Wasi-Betu two-piece had consumed me for weeks.

More so than I realised, it turns out. So much so that when I put this jacket on I was unable to see that it gave me the silhouette of Spongebob Squarepants, that it fitted all wrong. I looked "like a padded box with legs."

All I could could see was grade 1 goosedown comfort with a water resistant shell and a little white Moncler badge on the arm, perfect on its own or as a liner to the Wasi. What's more, after months of persistence I was in posession of a piece of Visvim collaboration history. This wasn't just a jacket. It was a quest realised.

In the process of this quest I had become blinded to the fact that the Betu might not actually look that good.

Convinced Lizzie's style sense was going askew, I posted a picture on FUK. It didn't go down very well there either.

So it went back (sorry End). Like a prize fish lobbed back into the lake. All I have now is these pictures as evidence it was ever here.

Am I bitter? I was, for a week or so, especially when I saw someone trying to flog an identical one for £800 on Ebay, and when I saw it had once again sold at End.

But the pain is subsiding, and deep down I think I know she was right. She usually is.

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