Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Moncler V Wasi jacket: specs appeal

When I lay down a decent sum on some new clobber, I like to know a bit about it.

In the case of this Moncler V Wasi jacket, I would have appreciated a little pamphlet explaining how, when it appeared to soak up the rain, it remained dry on the inside, and what those elastic braces were actually for.

While they were at it they could add something about the inspiration for the piece, and whether it is, as it hints, a reworking of an older Moncler mountaineering design.

Because while there is no doubt that this collaboration between Hiroki Nakamura and Moncler is something of a work of art, things like the addition of braces can leave one puzzled.

But all I got was a little tag (right), which offered me virtually no information other than the style and size and the fact that Moncler has been around since 1852, which to be frank, I could have Googled.
For a while I assumed the braces would hold a liner in place, so I dutifully fed my Visvim Pollard under them and into the arms (bottom pic) and it didn't work at all.

Sometime later I found out that the braces act as shoulder straps for carrying the jacket on your back without actually wearing it. As if anyone's going to do that. Luckily they can be removed, so they're coming out. 

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  1. Hi all,

    The Wasi jacket is another standout piece from the Moncler V collection. This 2 in 1 jacket features a wool outer shell with a traditional Moncler Down jacket on the inside. Thank you...