Monday, 1 November 2010

Suit Supply Shameless ad campaign: distracting

I don't know if Suit Supply actually makes decent suits, and to be honest after this I'm none the wiser.

But they do know how to shoot an ad campaign, with some Dutch flair.

Apparently Facebook demanded Suit Supply remove these shots from their page because they were deemed offensive, which I suppose is as good an example of the sexual divide of certain cultures as you're going to get. I can just imagine a whole swathe of middle America choking on its Pop Tarts this morning.

But will it sell the suits? Probably not. After all, who's looking at them?

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  1. The focus groups proved clearly - the more tits and pussy, the bigger demand for supply.

  2. Cleary they are now getting exactly what they wanted, plenty of publicity worth way beyond the budget.

    Gives massive exposure and a rebellious image to the young buyer.

    Just what the brief asked for, and delivered by the 'outraged' media.

  3. From an aesthetic point of view the photo's are very well composed. I bet if they were hanging in an art gallery there would be much moral outrage over them full stop..,..a couple of them do go a bit too far in terms of advertisment purposes, but this country is way too repressed.

  4. I have a vibrator plugged in by my bed at all times but the trashiness and sexism of this ad campaign makes me ashamed to be part Dutch. Repressed has nothing to do with it. It's a matter of taste and not wanting your gender to be constantly presented as meat. Thanks.

  5. People get over it. It's about the guys looking so good that women would do evrything to be with them. It's eyed out for men and not ment to domote women. Just to give out the feeling that men will look extra good.
    Me personaly: I think it makes the men look extra good and not the women less. So as a guy it worked good for me and i would buy the suits.