Monday, 22 November 2010

Resurrected: the archives

Going through some of my drawers has been like unearthing ancient artifacts - a timeline of my tastes through the medium of accessories, and a reminder that Japan isn't the be all and end all for clothes even if I might sometimes think so.

Take my scarf collection. Not something I've really had the occasion to revive so far this year, but in winters past the addition of a silk scarf was de riguer in terms of outfit accessorisation.

You will note my first silk scarf purchase to the left of the picture, a gold and olive patterned Gucci affair of considerable length.  Below that is a McQueen thing which was almost a cross between a scarf and a tie.

To the north of the Gucci is a Louis Vuitton striped scarf which is actually the only one which has had an outing this season. Still looks good under a sweat.

Peaking out below the hat to the right is silk scarf by William Hunt which never really got a lot of wear but is on the verge of being put in for cycling.

Talking about the hat, that's from Dunhill. Bound to be seeing the light of day as the winter draws in, with its floppy lug protectors. Then there's the Gucci belt, always a faithful companion for keeping the strides in position.

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