Wednesday, 3 November 2010

For sale: Supreme bumbag; second chance

This would already be in the hands of some bloke in Russia if he had bothered to check he had the money for it before bidding on Ebay.

I mean it isn't difficult to check your bank balance these days, at least not in the West it isn't, but it seems even that can be too much of an effort for some.

So up this bumbag goes for sale again.

The minute Lizzie bought it from the Hideout back in the summer I knew it wouldn't get a lot of use. She must have taken it to work about a couple of times before it got superceded by a little leather number, which has itself been replaced, such is the churn rate of her bag collection.

It is therefore in very decent condition, and in anticipation of the fact that she would son tire of it she never even took the tags off, just pushed them into the side pockets. 

Here's the link

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