Saturday, 20 November 2010

Doing the off: anticipated service interuption

In this day and age moving house shouldn't really prove too much of a problem when it comes to blogging, unless you are a Sky customer.

Even though I didn't get my moving date until four days before we were due to move, Sky expected two weeks notice, so I can now expect to be without broadband or would you believe, a telephone, for three weeks. If I want to keep my landline number it could be 30 days.

Of course the moment I was notified of this I again told them I wanted to leave, to be reminded I was still "under contract."

So please forgive me if my posts become sporadic in the coming days. It might mean I haven't been able to track down a wi-fi hotspot, or hook onto someone else's without them knowing.

And whatever you do, never become a customer of Sky.

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