Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Visvim Eiger boots: a hill too far

Visvim Eiger FIL exclusive colourway
Visvim was way ahead of the curve when it introduced its Serra hiker a few years back.

Fast forward to this year and everyone looks like a mountaineer. The Moncler x Visvim hiking boots went faster than a loose bobble cap in a gale, and in their place you will now find Visvim's Eiger boots.

An equally splendid offering, you might think. I certainly did, until I saw the price. £1,005 in Dover Street Market. That sort of money would buy you a fair condition family car.

The price might even be considered slightly more acceptable if they were mind blowing in some way, but the Moncler offerings were in my mind better looking for less than half the price.

What's more, there is an Italian brand which has been around three times longer than Visvim, hand-makes mountain boots with the same Vibram sole as the Eiger, and until this season was available solely to the Japanese market.

It is Fracap. Put their scarponcini alongside the Eigers and you will be hard pushed to decide which looks best. Of course Visvim will always have its heel cap going for it, but for an £800 saving, I could live without that.

I wouldn't usually go on about the price of things on here and I know that one of the reasons Visvim has remained such a sought-after brand is the quality, which comes at a price. But there is a ceiling, and I reckon they've gone through it.
Fracap Scarponcini boot
Moncler V hiking boots

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