Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Back to the West End: the spoils

Saturday was one of our trips up to the West End, and even though the only purpose of the trip for me was to see an Apple genius about my iPhone, I still managed to come home with some booty, and cross a Christmas present off the list for Lizzie. I might show you that at the time.

We also discovered a wicked, incredibly friendly little record shop called Phonica on Poland Street, which has been open seven years without us finding it.

Unfortunately it seems that the world has now discovered the Nordic Bakery on Golden Square, and without a table in sight we had to go off in search of a suitable replacement which we found, and I am loathe to tell you about and I couldn't right now anyway because I can't remember the name.

So we have, clockwise from top left

Kuumba joss sticks (French Vanilla)
Monocle magazine
Rouleur magazine
Ninja tune 20th Anniversary compilation (volumes 1&2)
Plain white Albam t-shirt.

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